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WHY GRASS-FED IS BEST Grassfed Fat is different


TAMPA, Florida: In retrospect, growing up Amish had its good points, but at sixteen I longed for adventure. Seeking exposure to the outside and excitement,to spice up boring farm life, I began volunteering with the local fire and ambulance company. I was really shocked to see the number of heart attacks. Cancer victims and strokes that my beautiful part of America (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) was producing. I was naive enough to believe when I started that being an Emergency Medical Technician was about "accidents."
Reallity came with having plenty of time to think and no television to watch. I also started to read a large number of books on health and was shocked and appalled by what I discovered.
America was rated almost 100th in overall health in the industrialized nations of the world with heart, attacks being the #1 killer, cancer at #2 (touching now one in three people before they die).
The real aggravating thing was what I saw throught my experience with the ambulance company: Repeat business was great!
Nobody seemed to be telling the guy who had a heart attack to mend his ways.
Sure enough, two to five years after having by-pass surgery, he had to spend another fortune to have the surgery again. That, of course, is if he was lucky enough to be the one out of two people who survive a heart attack.
Not only was America not teaching prevention, they wouldn't even warn previous victims to change their ways. Rather, they would tell them to "take a pill" carring with it unkown side effects. One in ten deaths is now lotregenic whick means it is caused by the treatment or medication.
Confusion mounted with the material I was reading. One book said use butter while another said margarine. One book stated that vegetarianism was the way, while another encouraged chicken consumption. This article would urge drinking milk while that ;one cautioned,"Dairy is bad for you." and so on. Also, the health food store was lined wall to wall with bottles of pills, capsules, and processed powders and foods; most labeled as "organic." Did that mean they were good for me?
After 15 years, my research progressed to studying traditional people groups. Here I first discovered that consuming milk, meat, and butter is indeed healthy if it is from grass-fed animals.
In 1938, Dr. Weston A. Price wrote a book called, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, where he documents his studies on more than ten traditional people groups. These included traditional Swiss, Gaelics of the Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland, Eskimos, Native Americans, Melanesians, Polynesians, East African tribes, Australian aborighines, New Zealand Maori, Peruvian and Amazonian Indians.
These people possessed longevity, great health in old age, and 1% or less dental cavities as a group. These groups had less than one percent cavities even in old age (this was in spite of the fact that they had never heard of a toothbrush!). They retained youth and vigor, had almost no need for doctors. At a time when tuberculosis was rampant around them, they were untouched by it.
None of the healthy groups were vegetarians! They revered butter and cheese made from grass-fed cows and ate plenty of beef.
In the 1930's the prices found these traditional societies in transition; some villages were more isolated and eating only traditional foods, while others were bringing in the processed foods of modern commerce(e.g., white sugar, flour, salt and rice). The conditions were ideal to actually see the difference between traditional foods and processed. These closely related groups shared the same racial background and ate different diets.
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration contains many photos describing what Dr. and Mrs. Price found in their travels. The pictures themselves represent a landmark in nutritional research. Typically, the photos of the healthy showed perfect teeth, broad dental arches (no need for an orthodontist), and vibrant overall health with peaceful and joyful expressions on their faces. Those of the same gene pool, in one case a brother, who ate the modern, processed foods showed missing teeth, narrowed faces of dental arches, crowded teeth and anguished expressions. After reading the book, you'll begin to see these facial qualities in the people around you, only we have had our teeth fixed.
After years of a clinical setting of pills and potions I'm ready to admit that I feel like I've climbed the ladder only to realize it was leaning against the wrong wall. I'm reminded of the guy that tested the nutrient level in one of Joel Salatin's pastured chickens. He came back and told Joel that," Eating one of these is like eating vitamin pills it's so packed with nutrients. "Well, actually it is much better because you can't get into a bottle what nature has in it.
For example, most people know that bananas have potassium in them. But what they don't realize is that nature has put all of the things in the banana that your body needs to properly absorb that potassium. Taking a pill with an isolated or extracted single ingredient is not good enough! It is unnatural and does not work. Consider the amount of nutrients found by Dr. Price in traditional diets.
Calcium was about 500% higher than in our diets today. Iron was 1000% higher and Magnesium was 900% higher. He argued that fat-soluble vitamins are a real key, and they were well over 1000% higher in the traditional diet.
Today, we think that drinking a lot of carrot juice gives us vitamin A! It dosen't, however it does give us carotene. Carotene can be converted to Vitamin A in the gut only in the presence of animal fat!
Now for the really good news. Dr. Price found (and research is still finding today) that those who have eaten a poor diet but have since reverted to a more traditional diet can reverse some of the negative effects of a bad diet. Price saw in several people that even cavities can be reversed with a healthy diet.
The very best news is that we have in our genes the potential to have healthy children. Even though we may not have broad faces and dental arches ourselves, we can have children that do because the bluepront of prefectons is still carried in the genes.
Today we have nutrional research that shows us that: 1. An egg or two a day keeps dementia and senility away. 2. The essential fatty acids in grass-fed meat is ten times higher than grain-fed. 3. A low fat diet is the worst diet for health and longevity-Fat is good for you if it's not the manmade kind. 4. Vegetarianism-expecially in young girls-is detrimental for healthy development. 5. It is almost impossible to produce healthy babies on a strict vegetarian diet. 6. Raw milk from grass-fed cows has a "healthy fat" composition that has tremendous protective factors against cancer and heart disease. 7. Butter does not have casein or lactose-two of the problems associated with dairy. 8. Eating fat does not make you gain weight if it is the good fat given to us by nature, instead of the food processing industry. 9. Mother's milk is ofer 50% fat and very high in cholesterol (a baby's brain is 11% cholesterol). 10. Heart Disease was almost unheard of prior to the 1920's when we used animal fats in cooking instead of hydrogenated vegetable oils high in trans-fats.
The bottom line is that your body wants to make 300 million new cells every 60 seconds. It needs vitamins and minerals to make healthy cells. Healthy cells are the foundation to a healthy body. Although Dr. Price hoped he would find a healthy vegetarian group, he did not. He did find a mysterious "x-factor" in the butterfat of cows grazing green grass that optimized the growth of children.
Several leading practicing healers of our time insist that a healthy immune system cannot be built without animal proteins. For example, one of the leading alternative cancer clinics in Mexico uses calf liver juices with amazing results. Research into CLA is proceding all over the world with exciting results.
If we need to rethink the conventional methods of health, then we need to look no farther than back to the traditional diet. I fear we may have all been blinded by science and deafened by processed food advertising. Let those of us who believe in the goodness of grass becoome modern thinking people who consider nature and her mysteries to be wise.
In future issues I plan to explain why grass produced butter is a major health food and why lean beef is out and yellow fat is a sign of healthy eating. Stay tuned.

Dennis Stolzfoos is a Certified Microscopist. During the last six years, Dennis has traveled extensively, teaching prevention to groups, as well as individuals. Dennis uses the Live Blood Cell Demonstration as a tool to teach people about diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that are necessary for achieving optimum health. Dennis would like to help producers and consumers alike understand the health benefits of "Grass Fed."

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Grassfed Fat is different...

Grassfed Meat and Dairy Products Require a Rethinking about Fat and Health
by Dennis Stoltzfoos
TAMPA, Florida: "HEY THERE," said a smiling face from around the corner. It was my friend who I had come to meet for lunch. I hadn't seen him for a while and was anxious to catch up on what was going on in his life. But, I wasn't happy with what I saw on that smiling face. He was showing his age, expecially on his skin. I thought to myself, "I know I woluld see high free radical damage if I were to see his blood under a microscope." And I thought, "I wonder if I could convince him to eat more fat," I decided to share with him my research on fat and let him decide for himself what to do. Here are a few of the concepts I shared with him.
Much of the health information out there today says low-fat is good. But, I don't see it working. In fact, the average body fat of an anorexic person is over 50%. And hogs have been fattened for years using skim milk and whey.
I told my friend it was my belief that whole foods were better. I believe that if skim or low fat milk were healthy, it would come that way from the cow. If fat free cheese or Miracle Whip was healthy, it would be fat free naturally. Even pasteurized milk is not a whole food because the enzyme content is destroyed during the pasteurization process.
Now I know that in today's world compromises have to be made. Those of us in the city don't have access to unpasteurized milk. But, whenever possible, we need to eat or drink whole foods the way nature makes them. Less processing usually equals better health. There just isn't a Coca Cola Spring anywhere, or a French Fry Plant, or a field where refined white flour or sugars are grown....And, Mountain Dew doesn't run down off the mountain like the billboard portrays.
"Today with our low-fat fad, we may be causing health problems, "I told my friend. And I explained to him how that fat is needed in the gut to convert carotene into Vitamin A. That Vitamin A is a great antioxidant. The good news is, I told my friend, "Your skin is renewed every 30 days." I asked him to give it a try. "Eat healthy high fat foods for 60-90 days and see what happens."
"What is healthy fat?" asked my friend. I told him that I eat grassfed beef, chicken, eggs and cheese and that I would drink raw milk if I could get it. I grew up on raw milk and believe that is one reason I have zero cavities at the age of 35.
The primitive peoples prized organ meats and the yellow fat which they ate preferentially to the meat. If they killed an animal in hunting that was too lean, they would only cut out the organs and throw the rest away. Then they would go hunt an older animal with more fat on it's back. These people who had 1% or less cavities, and never got TB, etc., thrived on raw milk, rare cooked meats, and butter and cheese in winter.
The best food for athletes and the sick? Raw cream! Today in Europe, raw cream is used with carrot juice with great results!
In Mexico and the Orient, they can't believe that in America we feed grain to our animals. They can't afford to do that. They eat the grain and the cattle must eat grass. They have significantly less cancer. Could that abe related to the anti-cancer component Conjugated Linoleic Acid which is found to be 10 times higher in grassfed beef, milk, etc. than grain fed? Factory eggs also have an imbalanced Omega 3 fatty acid versus Omega 6. Grassfed eggs are high in Lecithin which helps your body properly use the cholesterol and fat in the egg.
Dr. Atkins in New York, has been using a high protein diet to lower cholesterol and fat percentages for years. It goes back to the philosophy of, 'if you don't eat enough fat, your body thinks there is a shortage and begins to store it,' thus the phenomenon of the anorexic person with a body fat of over 50%. I personally come from a family of weight challenged folks and using these and other ideas, have been able to never be overweight as well as help hundreds of people lose weight. Conjugated Linoleic Acid also helps the body build muscle instead of fat. And,...muscle burns fat! It helps to build muscle if wanting to lose fat because your muscles burn fat even while not being used.
You will heave a lot more about CLAs in the next couple of years, and I sometimes wonder what other components there are like that, that haven't been discovered yet.
Yes, I believe returning to nature on the farm and in the kitchen may help us turn back the clock. For example, in the year 1900 we had very little heart disease in this country and the average person ate 18 pounds of butter per year. Now, heart disease is the number one killer and we only eat four pounds of butter per person.
A hundred or even fifty years ago, half of the foods in the grocery store didn't exist. Could it be that we wouldn't buy them if we were educated consumers? Just compare, for example, the ingredient list of a low fat version of anything with the regular. I concluded years ago that low-fat equals high chemicals. By the way, your body will retain fat to store these chemicals.
"So what is good fat, and what is bad fat," my friend asked me. "And are you sure I won't gain weight?" "Good fat is what nature makes," I said, "And bad fat comes from some kind of processing. For example, a large potato has approximately one gram of fat but when made into French Fries, up to 60 grams, and when made into potato chips, approximately 600 grams. It is difficult to process fat on that scale. Much better is a baked potato with a lot of butter and/or sour cream."
Fat is important to the body for many things. In babies for brain and nervous system development; that's why mother's milk is approximately 52% fat. In all of us, Vitamins A, D & E are fat soluble, which means that fat will benefit the health of our bones, eyes, skin, teeth, heart, nerves, thyroid, and pituitary gland.
I think you get the picture but in case you don't, the pituitary alone pretty much runs the show. Without a healthy pituitary, you are pretty much non-functional.
Healthy fat is also brain food. Try eating high fat when you need to use your head.
I told my friend to "never use margarine or tub spreads; do use butter instead of canola oil and avoid all foods that say hydrogenated on the label." I personally use all of the fat I want. I eat a lot of cheese, butter, beef, liver and eggs...all from good grassfed sources. And...I would drink raw milk if I could get it. I often find that folks who are lactose intolerant can drink raw milk from grassfed cows.
Fifteen years ago when I was an Emergency Medical Technician, I decided that to not end up where some of my patients were, I had to do something different. I decided that to have average American health, I only had to do what everybody else was doing, but to have something different, I had to do something different. I started reading and went down a lot of bunny trails and even tried veganizm for two years, which for me, was a disaster. I also went from being my mother's least picky eater, to the most picky, out of eleven children, and she let me know she didn't like it. But, seven years later, when she had cancer, she suddenly became very supportive.
After being told she had six to eight months to live, and one year at maximum, she changed her diet, got on an extensive nutritional program and had six more years with great quality of life. That whole experience was my entrance into the health crusade I'm on today. I'm not a doctor and don't treat people, but I believe in teaching people how they can feed their bodies. Our bodies are incredible self-healing machines if given the nutrients to do so.
I also use a microscope to show people their blood live projected on a TV screen. I've come to believe that people respect what they understand: love what they respect and preserve what they love. The microscope is thus a tremendously motivating tool.
I see a tremendously bright future in the grass farming movement in this country. It's profitable; it's healthy; it's probably the most stress free way of farming or maybe, way of life. I promote it wherever I go and the biggest problem I have is, I've created hundreds of people that want the products, but don't know of a farmer near them. I see the time in the not too distant future, where there will be a network of farmers producing healthy food, that I can refer people to.
Excuse me, but all this writing is making me very hungry. I think I'll go have a juicy steak!

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